Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day 27 January 2021

The 27th January is internationally recognised as Holocaust Memorial Day. On this day we recognise the very worst genocide committed by the Nazis in World War 2 but we also sadly remember the genocides which have happened continually right up to the present day. In normal times we would be holding a service in our Parish Church to solemnly remind ourself of humanity’s wrong doing praying at the same time for the peace of the world. Sadly, Covid has restricted the opportunity to meet this year but it is hoped that the Holocaust will be remembered in the privacy of our own homes. To that end I have provided the Julian Group, which now numbers some 65 persons, with a reflection from one whose family suffered at the hands of the Nazis, scripture references and prayer. If you are not a member of the Julian Group but would like to share in our remembrance then please e mail me at tituslayreader@gmail.com and I will be pleased to send you the material. Our remembrance is shaped by the late Ruth Webster who managed to come to the UK from Czechoslovakia leaving behind most of her family who were all exterminated in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Ruth, who worshipped with us at St Paul’s Church, spoke movingly for many years at our Memorial Services and indeed educated thousands of children at the Imperial War Museum as to the horrors of the Holocaust. Our Remembrance is in part our tribute to a brave lady who suffered greatly like so many others. Thank you.

Tim Cripps

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