With you every step of the way...

1. Find a church

2. Call the Parish Office as soon as you can to find out about the church's availability on your chosen date.

3. Space to think. To help you prepare for your wedding, the Vicar will invite you to discuss the vows you will make in the ceremony. Many couples appreciate the time and space to think about those big promises and the difference they will make.

4. Banns. Banns are when your names are read in church according to legal custom. On these occasions, everyone in the church will be praying for you.

5. Rehearsal. Near your wedding day, perhaps a few days before, you will have the opportunity to rehearse the ceremony with those who are involved.

6. The Big Day. The Vicar will do all he can to make the day personal, meaningful, and spiritual for you and your guests.

7. First Anniversary. St Paul's Church will always be there for you throughout your marriage if you need it.




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